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In-Home Therapy

Milestones is now serving Alabama and Georgia.

In-home therapy allows parents to be directly involved in their child's therapy which gives the child more exposure to treatment, thereby increasing the likelihood for success. 

If your child's behavior is negatively impacting your family's quality of life, in-home ABA therapy is highly recommended.

Let's face it. The last place you want to be is in traffic on your way to therapy. Let us come to you. 


Quality of Life



When is in-home therapy available?

Monday through Friday 8am-6pm and on weekends in some cases.

Who conducts my child's initial assessment?

All assessment are conducted and all programs are designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Depending on his or her need, your child may work with one therapist or a team of therapists.

Who delivers the actual therapy?

Through our tier-delivery model of services your child's team may consist of a BCBA(s), BCaBA(s) and RBT(s).​

Where does the therapy take place?

Where the behavior happens. It's ideal to have a designated work area but we implement ABA strategies throughout the home environment in order to encourage generalization.

Is parent training offered?

Parent training is mandatory at Milestones. In order for your child to read his or her maximum potential it is extremely important for the parent(s) to actively participate in their child's ABA program. These trainings are scheduled with you each month or as needed. Type your paragraph here.