Milestones Specializes in the Development of ABA Classrooms in Schools throughout the State 

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(Polick, 2008)



Our team of Behavior Analysts conduct both Functional Behavior Assessments and Functional Analyses in order to identify the function of behavior(s) that impedes a person's ability to learn and negatively impacts his or her quality of life.

Once a functional assessment has been completed, our team of Behavior Analysts develop a function-based BIP including empirically-based interventions from peer reviewed journals.

Data collection systems are developed and true, data-based decision making guides our practice. 

Milestones is the premier school-consulting group in Alabama and now Georgia. Our Behavior Analyst's use the principles of ABA to train both behavioral and non-behavioral providers in the many effective strategies and methods in behavior analysis. We are dedicated to competency-based training and ongoing support for staff.